Monday, February 7, 2011

Update from Lindy

Penny-Belle just talked to her lawyer...the paralegal from the other side "appears" not to have sent it...he is now out of town..and now doing by long-distance.

This is all we know for now....still praying we could have have it by morning....and if not that the other lawyer is available first thing at the courthouse...I am feeling rather ill right is PB.

Keep those prayers coming!


  1. someone named Brigette commented in the Letter thread that Harrison was to be returned to Penny-Belle, and for us to stop contacting the town officials. Since this comment was posted prior to the one above, I found it highly untrustworthy.

  2. Harrison has not been released. There is no definite news yet. Hopefully by tomorrow, there will be more positive news.

    Until then, please keep Harrison and his breeder, along with Lindy, who has worked tirelessly to help, in your thoughts and prayers.

    As soon as I get more news from Lindy, it will be posted here.

    Thank you all for caring so much about this precious little boy!