Thursday, February 10, 2011

Harrison is Safe!

From Jim McGarr, a good friend of Penny-Belle ...

Penny belle just called me. She is in her car with Harrison snuggled in her lap
He came out of the holding place, tail wagging and kisses for all the crew at the shelter and big wags and face licks for Penny-Belle. He was greeting everyone there so happy and wiggling around
Thank god!


  1. Thank you for posting this incredible, happy news, Jim. I am crying with happiness. To everyone who helped Harrison, many, many thanks. To Penny-Belle who literally saved his life, how do we ever thank you for making sure the world knew about your little guy so that we could do our part to support you both.

    I am happy beyond happy!!!!!!


  2. Bought a tear to my eye - so happy to hear the little man is safe!

  3. Welcome Home Harrison! Right Won Over Revenge!

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